Was the circus paddock when you began to develop SleepTalk? 1

Was the circus paddock when you began to develop SleepTalk?

A. After the circus paddock, I refused to believe that there was no help for Michelle and started to ask, what if? I rejected the negative suggestions of the professionals as I planned and investigated alternatives. I activated the oldest law of the mind:


The process we developed as a result was made possible because my need was so great, my determination was mighty, and I had wonderful help from two ‘mentors’.

One was Michelle’s stepfather, my late husband Jim, who believed passionately in the power of the mind and its creative mechanism.

The other was the author of a slim little book simply called ‘How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion’ by Emile Coué.

The realisation that it might be possible for my dreams to come true was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Dreams and imagination are always the first steps towards realisation.

The procedure that we now call SleepTalk was so simple, yet so dynamic that it changed our entire world. Yes, we made mistakes and sometimes became fearful of failure, but as we learned from the mistakes and refined the procedure, we were rewarded with a ‘miracle’.

But it did take several years of dead ends and false starts until we discovered the method that worked with Michelle, which subsequently facilitated the breakthroughs for many thousands of children with all kinds of mental, emotional or behavioural issues all over the world.