What happens if my child is fine except for nail-biting? 1

What happens if my child is fine except for nail-biting?

A. There are a number of issues needing to be addressed here.

Is the nail-biting just a habit, a learned behaviour, or a symptom of anxiety?

Removing the ‘effect’ of nail-biting without dealing with the possible underlying ‘cause’ may result in the child creating another subconscious support ‘symptom’.

The basic Foundation belief will address the underlying cause, whether it is anxiety, distress, a poor self–image, or something else, and as a consequence, the reaction or the presenting symptom will be reduced.

The nail-biting or system manifesting is because they didn’t feel okay about themselves, now they do.

As a result the effect or the habit is changed and the nail–biting (the symptom) will just become a learned behaviour pattern. If this is the case the Method will support those change of behaviour. It’s as simple as that.

But in some circumstances a detailed discussion might be required to establish the possible underlying cause of the nail-biting.

Goulding Method consultants are very careful not to remove the actual biting of the nail without trying to determine, or at least becoming aware of the possible underlying cause.