Georgie Star - a cartoon star with eyes and smile - the mascot of the Goulding Method SleepTalk

Planning to continue SleepTalk”

‘J’ is a delightful young boy and SleepTalk has made a significant change to his general demeanour.  

He seems much happier, light and calm.

He has a much better outlook on life and calmness has taken over his whole body which means that he is now more open, cooperative and happier to consider alternative ways of being.

He is also developing a can-do attitude which is a great contrast to his previous can’t do or too difficult attitude. 

is comprehension has also improved considerably as a result of his calmer demeanour.

The  SleepTalk® Process has been beneficial to both children but also to the family as a whole.  

It seems to have really brought the whole family closer together in ways that the family did not believe was required nor possible.

It has enriched everyone’s lives and the family is planning to continue SleepTalk with both children for many years to come.