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What can I say, thank you, thank you, thank you”

“What can I say, thank you, thank you, thank you – for giving me back my sweet little boy.

His behaviour has done a complete turnaround.

He has gone from being the trouble maker at school to telling the trouble makers how to be good and looking out for the kids who are getting led astray and getting them to go play somewhere else.

Last term of school he has been coming home happy instead of teary and emotional.

He always wants to help me eg: Bringing shopping in from the car, clear the dishes from the table, etc…

He is controlling his anger. He will say to me: I feel angry mum and I want to have a play by myself, or I don’t feel like talking; therefore we don’t have too many angry days anymore.

He will walk up to me at any time and give me a cuddle and a kiss and walk away and continue on with what he is doing.

He is now always prepared to try something he hasn’t done before (this time last year he would not even try).

His confidence has improved 100%.

His speech and communication has also improved. He hardly stutters anymore, that was a nervous habit. He still has some trouble with crowds and noise.

Places like shopping centers, but he tells me now when we are out. He will say something like: It is getting too noisy. I want to go home.

Overall he is a happy and confident little boy.