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WOW, I thought what an impact this has had”

Attempting something for the first time, I was nervous to begin the process, especially as it takes me forever to get ‘L’ to sleep.

The thought of waking the child was a huge concern. 

I found that within the first week of starting the process ‘L’ was more affectionate to her father, hugging him and saying I love you. 

I found that after working with the Foundation process for a week if ‘L’ woke at night I would enter the room and using my calm reassuring voice I would recite the statements.

She would instantly settle back down to sleep.

I was using the script during the day with ‘L’ choosing appropriate times and using them in context to what was happening around us. 

After about a month of using the foundation process, I started saying the words to ‘L’ at night before she would go to sleep.

One day she said, Stop Mummy it’s my turn. And she changed the wording herself to use the foundation stage on me.

WOW, I thought what an impact this has had on her.

This reinforced to me just how important it is to give our children continual positive reinforcement.