What happens if either parent feels uncomfortable working with the method? 1

What happens if either parent feels uncomfortable working with the method?

A. Mums or the female energy tend to be more in favour or perhaps be more comfortable with presenting the Goulding Method and in some cases the male energy of the home may tend to be reluctant, especially the older generation.

Sometimes the belief that males shouldn’t cry or show emotions may still be relevant or held.

However during the ’70’s the ’80’s and certainly the ’90’s generations now accept that it’s okay for a guy to go to his son and give him a hug and kiss and verbally show affection, especially in most western societies.

However, in some cultures or countries it is inappropriate to hug another even if that male is a child.

Everyone has feelings and experience vulnerability, and some will express their feelings differently, sometimes taking longer to overcome personal barriers to expressing feelings.

It’s important to remember that children receive their self–image from both parents which is why both primary carers (if available) are involved alternating nights if possible.

In sole parent families, then suggestions offered will cover any other imagined or missing carers.

The Goulding Method allows parents to share or display their feelings, thoughts and emotions in a safe environment without fear of rejection and without having to deal with personal self– image, perceived difficulties relating to interpersonal relationships or communication concerns.

Now that everyone has personal recording devices in their pockets, some parents and carers record their voices repeating the Statement and share the recording with their partner and other carers for when they aren’t available.