What happens if they have a fear of someone? 1

What happens if they have a fear of someone?

A. A very difficult question but a very important one.

Suggestions presented during the Method will last for life.

Later in life it might be appropriate for their child to be frightened of the teacher or some other confronting person or situation.

With the Method it is not necessary to identify the possible cause or reason behind a fear. The Method is not a therapy but simply introduces and/or reinforces empowering beliefs.

Always making sure that any ‘Primary Area of Need’ specific suggestion used will be appropriate for all time. Goulding Method consultants explain to parent’s awareness that suggestions are the most powerful energy in the whole world and in many instances last for life.

When suggestions are offered to a child, those suggestions will be remembered for life, but is not necessarily appropriate for all circumstances as they grow up and mature.

Taking care is necessary and parents are always to be careful about what they say and how they say it.