What is SleepTalk? 1

What is SleepTalk?

A. SleepTalk is an alternative and substance-free, self-help process for parents coping with a challenging child. Sometimes a lack of knowledge or support can cause parents to doubt their parenting abilities, feel misunderstood and go on a merry-go-round of endless consultations and dead ends.

SleepTalk is a simple, ethical, non-intrusive process that parents can use in the safety and comfort of their own home while their child or children are asleep. It only takes parents a few moments to present – it’s been called ‘the two minute gift with changes that last a lifetime’ – and helps children to develop a positive and confident sense of self and greater emotional resilience.

The child feels less anxious and better able to deal with their world. SleepTalk creates changes in the child’s mind-set and behaviour that are reflected in actual changes in the wiring and structure of the brain, a phenomenon that Dr. Norman Doidge calls ‘Neuroplasticity’.