A photo of Dr Janet Hall

Dr Janet M. Hall – Clinical and Counselling Psychologist

“Joan Goulding’s SleepTalk program is the ideal tool for parents to assist their children’s positive self-growth in a loving, non-threatening context. It empowers parents to give their children positive suggestions to help with general and specific issues in their lives. It aids parents in taking action yet still allowing the child to take responsibility for his or her own growth.

SleepTalk is creative and innovative in concept and Joan is to be highly commended for the self-less dedication with which she has pursued her passion to assist parents and children have happier and more successful lives. The SleepTalk program is easily and unobtrusively implemented and can be readily adapted to suit all children and family contexts.

Here at the Accelerated Success Centre (Psychological Services) we have followed the progress of children who have experienced SleepTalk as part of their treatment in our “How to Be Boss of the Bladder Program”. This program aims to help children stop wetting the bed. The “Sleep-Talk” procedure is a valuable adjunct in helping anxious and discouraged children cope with the negative effects of bedwetting.

Anxious parents are also delighted with the SleepTalk procedure because it creates a sense of closeness between parents and child and parents feel more accepting, bonded and loving with their family.

SleepTalk is an invaluable aid for families and therapists in improving family attitudes and intimacy and I commend Joan Goulding unconditionally for the opportunity to so simply, yet elegantly, enhance our communities’ positive feeling.”