John Cheetham - Consulting Psychologist 1

John Cheetham – Consulting Psychologist

“SleepTalk is a powerful process that enables a parent to interact with their child in a powerful way. Through SleepTalk, the interaction between parent and child serves to reinforce a sense of security and an ability to cope with daily life. The vast majority of parents have observed noticeable changes in their children after relatively short periods of time.

These include self-like, enjoyment and participation at school, happiness, relationships with others and confidence. It seems, from our initial research, that parents can reasonably expect their children to have a more enjoyable experience of life, at least in the short term, as a consequence of their involvement in SleepTalk for Children.”

SleepTalk seems to be an extremely simple and effective process that has been seen by parents to benefit many children in their everyday lives and will hopefully continue to do so.