Georgie Star - a cartoon star with eyes and smile - the mascot of the Goulding Method SleepTalk

Response to the SleepTalk Foundation Statements was Immediate!”

A response to the SleepTalk Foundation statements was immediate!

The morning after the very first time of using the statements ‘T’ came up to me, looking very deeply at me with a smile on her face; a look which, had I not done SleepTalk, and thought it might be to do with, would have asked her what the reason for her look was….it was a very different look. Then she came up to me and gave me a big hug. 

She also asked if I could get her a pen and some paper and proceeded to make me a card, whilst I was getting ready to leave. The card had a picture on the front of the whole family, including the dog, all with big smiles on their faces and standing in front of our house. 

She was a lot more affectionate when doing the statements, enjoying lots of cuddles, and sitting closely next to us when on the sofas. Though she wasn’t being clingy, she was happy to cuddle then go and her enthusiasm to go to school increased, with a reduction in her tummy hurt each morning, though this wasn’t fully eliminated.

Her eating seemed to also improve. Less coaxing seemed to be needed, she seemed to know that when one mouthful was finished she should put another in, though she can still be a bit distracted and not concentrating solely on the task at hand. Though the television is still being watched during mealtimes. 

She became a lot happier in attending school, even mentioning regularly that she liked school. She completely stopped complaining that her tummy hurt in the mornings and, in fact, in the year or so since we did the SleepTalk only once mentioned she was worried about seeing someone she hadn’t seen for a while (which was her Great Grandad which we hadn’t seen for a year…so understandable!