Georgie Star - a cartoon star with eyes and smile - the mascot of the Goulding Method SleepTalk

SleepTalk has Been a Huge Success!”

He’s going to bed without a fuss is now the norm! 

Possibly being twinned with a new and regular bedtime routine he now never complains or kicks up a fuss and has even asked his mum on occasion if he can go to bed, as he was tired!

Mum is over the moon. She got very emotional when she remembered how bad it had been at the beginning of the process and how different it now was. His arguing has improved hugely, not totally disappeared, but has been greatly reduced. His unwavering conviction that he is always right has dissipated and he is willing to consider what others say. He is still very affectionate towards his mum, instigating hugs.

The parents are totally thrilled with the outcome because his behaviour has improved hugely with no incidences of violence that the mum could remember over the previous 8 weeks.

He goes to bed without a fuss now, which was unheard of, and even unimaginable, at the beginning of the process. His sleeping habits have greatly improved, no longer sleepwalking and only rarely sleep talking. Thus, one assumes, he is getting more and better quality, sleep (which would also help his behavior).

His arguing has also improved. He is more compliant when asked to do something and seems to be very happy acting as part of the family.

So, overall, SleepTalk has been a huge success.”